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Nylon Strength Travel Belt Luggage Strap with TSA Combination Lock


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Secure your luggage with this TSA approved 3-dial combination lock luggage strap with built-in lock. The TSA approved 3-dial combination lock on the strap can be easily reset and removed by the TSA for hassle-free luggage inspection, which can prevent your suitcase from damage during safety inspection.

The opening combination is preset at the factory at 0-0-0,the reset lever is on the bottom side, move it to right upper side. Then rotate the dials to present your own combination. Finally, please move the reset lever to initial position left button side.

Indicator function, the normal status is in "green" color when factory preset. When the indicator changed to "red", meaning TSA has inspected your luggage. Please check left side hole, use tool to move the green parts from right to side.

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