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EK4150 Step by step user manual


1 Is this scale can be set to gram and ounce?

Sure, you may press UNIT to convert it. There are two measuring system of Metric (kg, g) and Imperial (lb, oz).

2 Does it remain on the last weighing mode you used?

Yes, it does.

3 How can i change temperture from celcius to farenheit?

We are afraid of telling you that the unit of temperture by default and not able to change it.

4 Which model of the battery when I need to replace?

You may need 2 x AAA batteries when it shows Lo. There is no adapter option.

5 Why the scale shuts down suddenly?

It has auto shut-off function if the display shows "0" or shows the same weight reading for 2 minutes. But it also has manual shut off when you press ON/OFF.

6 How to get my warranty if the product is broken?

You may contact us directly with your order ID and the video of the defective via Your order is under 2 years wanrranty at the beginning of the purchase date.

7 Do I have to weight with the bowl?

No, you don't have to. The bowl is separate and you may weight without the bowl or other container you want. However, the bowl does work with the dishwasher.

8 Does it measure in 1 gram increments?

Yes, it does. The Scale is capacity to 11 lbs / 5 kgs, Division 0.1 oz / 1g.


1 Capacity: 11 LB / 5 KG, Graduation: 1 G / 0.1 oz. There are two measuring system of Metric(g, kg) and Imperial(OZ, LB), you may touch "UNIT" for 3 seconds to convert weight unit.

2 It can hang up to the wall.

3 It can be manual shut-off or auto shut-off. Auto shut-off occurs if display shows "0" or shows the same weight reading for 2 minutes.

4 Battery: 2x3V CR2032 model. Please remove isolation sheet before using.