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CAMRY Digital Hand Dynamometer Grip Strength Measurement Tool (Review)

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This week I reviewed the CAMRY digital hand dynamometer. It measures your grip strength and can even help you improve your grip. The dynamometer has a strain gauge sensor that accurately measures how much gripping power you have. It can measure up to 198 lbs or 90 kilograms in 0.2 pound or 0.1 kilogram increments. It’s super easy to use: just turn it on, select your profile, and squeeze on the handle for five seconds. The screen will then show the highest grip value and a status bar (weak, normal, or strong grip). It can save data for up to 19 different users and is easy to adjust to fit your hand. Two AAA batteries are included, as is a 5-year product warranty.


I had a great time testing it out for my own benefit, but my kids and students really liked messing around with it. We had a contest to see who had the greatest grip strength and the kids are now determined to improve so that they won’t be considered “weak.” Great tool if you just want to know how strong your grip is, but even better if you do athletics that require top grip strength (tennis, gymnastics, rock climbing, etc.). Great to add to your fitness equipment or to get as a gift.


Get it on the official store at:



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